Travel Agent & Group Leader Programs

Does Jazz Cruises recognize Travel Agents for this cruise? 

Answer:  Jazz Cruises is excited to work with Travel Agents who actively promote the cruise as part of a Marketing Plan.  Any Travel Agent interested in becoming an authorized Jazz Cruises’ Travel Agent should complete the online Travel Agent Plan form.  One of our representatives will promptly respond to set up a conference or meeting to discuss the plan, compensation, and other benefits.


Does Jazz Cruises recognize group travel for those who are not a travel agent? 

Answer:  Jazz Cruises has recognized Group Leaders for more than 20 years.  Whether you are the leader of an existing affinity group or you intend to grow your group by solicitation, we urge to complete the online Group Leader Plan form. We will promptly set up a conference to discuss the plan, compensation, and other benefits to become a Jazz Cruises’ Group Leader. You can use the benefits yourself or share them among your group. The only requirement is that Group Leaders must sail on the cruise as part of their group to be eligible for compensation. 

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